Training information during Co-Vid19

There is NO face to face training courses in the foreseeable future. However, most but not all modules can be completed online. Go to, then find the modules you need. Once completed, please send the resulting certificate to so that your record on Compass can be updated. You will need to screenshot or print and scan the certificate.

Training modules for leaders after completing Getting Started.

All Appointments.       Mods. 7,11,12A

Mod. 7                  ‘Scouting for all’

                                Reading and RAG test.

Mod. 11               ‘Administration’ workbook

Mod.12A             ‘Delivering a Quality Programme’

                      ‘How to’ Guide + e-learning.

The Programme & the People.

Mods. 8,9,12B,13,14,15,16,17,18,19

Module 8                             NONE

Module 9                             NONE

Module 12B                       NONE   

Module 13   Workbook and Associated reading

Module 14                          Workbook

Module 15                          Workbook

Module 16                          Associated reading only

Module 17 Workbook + video +Ass. Reading

Module 18                       NONE

Module 19          International resources + reading