Executive Committee Members

Essential Information for Executive Committee Members (Module 1E) is a mandatory module that covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, but also provides more specific information on the responsibilities of Executive Committee Members, enabling them to carry out their role effectively. This module covers:

  • The Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Executive Committees and trusteeship in Scouting
  • Safety in Scouting
  • Safeguarding – child protection

Essential Information for Executive Committee Members must be completed within 5 months of their AGM and validated.  It is not required to be refreshed, but please keep up-to-date with the latest changes, as necessary.

This can be done online and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.  Here is the link – Online Module 1E

Once you have completed the course please forward the certificate to your GSL and LTM ltm@southribblescouts.org.uk