Explorer Scouts

12 Nov 2014

Bonfire Night 2014 and the Explorers had a night of firing fire. They started by making a treburchet and a cardboard guy which we would be throwing fire at later on. Thanks to Terra Nova for inviting the rest of the units down for what was an amazing evening.

12 Nov 2014

Halloween Weekender was an outstanding camp. With lots of laughter, running about and terrible dancing it made my weekend complete. We didn’t have anything planned and could roam about and do what we wanted which included constructing a massive bonfire, playing capture the flag and meeting lots of new people. The Halloween themed party topped it off. Everyone was dressed up and “raved” to the beat with Bob playing a guitar solo in the centre of the dance floor strutting his stuff. The leaders helped make it such an enjoyable …

30 Sep 2014

Out break Z was an out of the ordinary experience of surviving a zombie apocalypse with fellow explorers. This started by preparing our camp for the night with shelter, fire and defence, the walls were mostly for our own piece of mind but we were also marked on the looks of our camp. Into the night we had to venture out in amongst the zombie infested areas to complete various challenges in a variety of different locations. On the way to challenges we were chased , ambushed and scared. It …

13 Jul 2014

A 24 Hour Survival camp and competition based on teams of Explorer Scouts surviving a Zombie Outbreak , they have to find and extract the cure in competition with other teams from all over the county.
The Entry , Health forms , rulespack and flyer can be downloaded here
All the Information you need here!
Outbreak Flyer 1
Entry Form
Health form 
For more info contact See Bob Aspland: District Explorer Scout Leader
or check the facebook Page for more info Here

13 Jul 2014

Who ever said that bin bags were just for your rubbish….
Not De La Roche Explorer Scout Unit they decided to take part in Longton Fashion week.
Below is some of the winning Outfits

30 Jun 2014

The biggest Weekend of the year when the Explorers of West Lancs take over GT… A great weekend was had by all.
South Ribble Consisted of 93 Explorers from units throughout the District
County Explorer Camp is a weekend of meeting New friends and old friends from around the County, Saturday is all about the adventurous Activities that the Explorers do. From Hair and Beauty to Via Ferrate
The Saturday night is all about the entertainment and Fancy Dress, The night was hosted by our very own District Entertainer. Lightning Lee! It has …

26 Jun 2014

On a rather wet evening, Explorers from all over the district came out to fire Humpty into space and allow him to return to earth with out any breakages.

25 Jun 2014

Columbus ESU Climb High…
Columbus ESU went to Bowley Scout Camp and took part in an evening on the high ropes!!!